Texas Skyways is a Cessna Hot-Rod Shop, offering high-performance engine, propellers, and many other enhancements that allow you to go farther, faster. Our STC portfolio covers Cessna models 180 through 210.

We’ll soon have a high-performance offering for Cessna 172 models!

Located in Boerne, Texas, the company was founded by Jack and Mickey Johnson, and has been operating since 1985.

Our first engine Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) was issued in 1994. Since then, Texas Skyways, Inc. has continued to add to our portfolio of STCs for Cessnas, and have about 50.


We are committed to providing you the best service possible. Jack’s mindset was t provide exceptional service so that we’re able to serve again. We strive for customer satisfaction, and to have the best solutions for your Cessna.  For example, we have the longest Cessna engine TBO (Time Between Overhaul) on the planet.