Our Testimonials

There are over 1500 Texas Skyways Cessna flying around the world!

Bill Abington (IO-550-N 310HP)

“Absolutely fantastic flying! First, I couldn’t believe the ease of the starting procedures of the new Continental engine versus the Lycoming I had. The take-off was extremely smooth, I had a third more power and yet less vibration in the engine. The more I talked with Jack and saw how long he’s been doing this, his knowledge and his ability to answer every single question in great detail, and describe everything from the new engine mount, the reduced vibration, increased take-off capabilities, the fact that this engine outperforms the turbo engine I had – I was extremely impressed”.

Pat Rozypal (IO-550-F 300 HP)

“About two years ago we replaced our IO-520 and a McCauley prop with a new Continental IO-550 and a Buccaneer Scimitar prop. It really improved our rate of climb – we went from about 600 to 700 feet per minute to 800 – 1000 feet per minute. The engine runs so much smoother than the old 520. We also improved our cruise speed, we picked up about 8 to 10 knots. We are really pleased with Texas Skyways, we thought they did a wonderful job!”

Mike Vavrek (O-520 280 HP)

“In the last 10 years, I had four Texas Skyways engines. The performance upgrade is just the best thing for a Cessna 182 that I ever found. We live in Albuquerque at 6000 feet take-offs, the rate of climb is in the 1500 feet per minute range, which is double what we used to do. In fact, in IFR flying we have a 13000 minimum descent altitude and we had to make three 360’s to get up, and now we just straight up to 13000. The speed increase is about 20 knots… I routinely fly at 17000 feet and at that altitude we burn around 9.5 gallons – it’s just an amazing machine!”

Bill Neiman (O-550 285 HP)

“I’d never believe that I would love a machine like I like this one! It has a sweet spot somewhere between 8 and 10 thousand feet, I can maintain my exhaust temps at even 1425 degrees, the cylinder heads even out at about 325 degrees, and I can make it go for about 14 to 16 gallons per hour”.

Dustin Stevenson (IO-550 N 310 HP)

“Being at 1000 feet by the end of the 4000-foot runway is just incredible… It’s just so much quieter than the Lycoming, and smoother in general, I think it will be more comfortable for anybody on a long cross country, and just less fatiguing in general. There is no comparison, it’s the fastest 182 I’ve ever flown. You can just run away with it, it’s beautiful!”